Our Story



The thought of DANYA came about in 2016 and it was created in March of 2019 when founder, Jenan, didn’t see a community-driven brand that honoured diversity, inclusion & representation. She took the leap and launched  —with no fashion design or business experience. Growing up in a muslim based home- her mother always struggled with shopping for her needs. she wondered why women of different faiths were never represented in media, and why there was limited styling and design representation. Of course these groups participated in beauty, but why weren’t they acknowledged, supported? 



DANYA is for everyone, and leads with the belief that everyone should feel loved and respected. We’re devoted to representation and diversity, and taking a community-driven approach on our platforms to bring you the most beautiful designs developed with you in mind.


Under-represented communities in fashion deserve better. As a small, self-funded startup, we're just getting started with our mission of ensuring everyone feels welcome. So far, we're honoured to have earned mentions in House Of Pipikini, Attire MediaGlamour.news.official, Maturing Mama Blog, Style Canada, & Rumble


As DANYA grows, we're so excited to intentionally expand our Clothing line. We are a self-funded startup AND a Slow Fashion Brand, so it takes us a little longer to get products on the wrack. 



It has always made sense for us to lead with women for women. To create a safe space for communication and generosity.  We’re here to enable intentional communication about all things fashion (or other), so feel free to live chat with us, direct message us @shopdanya, or email us hello@shopdanya.com. It’s an honour to have you here and to be part of shop DANYA's journey, welcome.


Our clothing is made in extremely small batches. Sustainably & ethically made in Toronto. We sometimes use Recycled fabric for our products to minimize our Carbon Footprint.


With Love,