Corona Time

Hey Everyone!


I hope you are all doing well, in good health and staying safe. 
I thought I would check in on all of you and share some of my thoughts since COVID-19 hit Canada. 
Like many of you our family has been stuck at home quarantined and only allowed to go out for essentials. Guess it’s pretty good in the grand scheme of things. As a mom of three it’s been a challenge keeping my 3 children entertained while staying distant from family and friends, but that’s what it takes to keep loved ones safe and healthy, Right? I don’t know about you, but even though times are challenging, all the isolation and the need to take things slow has really been a blessing. 
I have been naturally reflecting a lot more on everything. From business, to family to myself. What is really important? What approach should I take in certain choices and opportunities life has presented to me? All in all I find myself so much more calmer and much more focused and shifting my focus from where it initially was once before. I feel as though my life was just moving so fast that it was necessary to go through this. 
FORCED me to stop in my tracks and to just sit... Breathe. Focus... Be in the here and now. 
We are so blessed being able to do just that. 
With all that said I still want to curl up in a ball, scream into a pillowcase at the top of my lungs and run for miles with all that pent up energy and frustration with being at home full time and no where to go 😅
Still grateful for the roof over our head the food on our table and our health. 
How do you ladies feel? 
Have you found yourselves doing the same? 
If not what are your views and feelings about our life today? 
What are your struggles? 
With love,